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Managing Photos with Shotwell

Introduction to Shotwell

Both Ubuntu and Fedora ship with a application called Shotwell for photo management (-this has basically replaced F-Spot, which did a similar task). It seems to function much like the Organizer in Adobe PhotoShop Elements or similar applications that are bundled with modern digital cameras.

If you're familiar with the Organizer in Adobe PhotoShop, then you will not take too long to convert to using Shotwell

The previous topic covers how to import photos into Shotwell

Displaying Photos by Date

Shotwell can be started via:

Applications → Graphics → Shotwell Photo Manager

Once started, the main Shotwell screen displays:

Camera Attached

In the left hand pane, you'll see your photos arranged by the date they were uploaded. Drill down to individual dates to display the photos uploaded on that day in the right hand pane. In the example below, we are displaying the first batch of photos taken on the 18th December 2010:

Shotwell Left Hand Pane

Displaying Photos by Tag

Like Adobe PhotoShop, you can add "tags" to help you group together photos of a similar category. To to this, select the photo(s) you wish to tag and then select:

Tags → Add Tags

A dialogue box will display: type in the name you want to use for the tag and click "OK":

Shotwell Add Tags

The tag will be added to the selected files:

Shotwell Tags Added

You can now quickly display all photos will that tag by clicking on the tag name in the left hand pane:

Clicking on the Shotwell Tag

Displaying Photos by Event

Most of us upload a whole batch of photos in one go. Normally, these cover more than one " event" (-e.g. Fred's Birthday photos, trip to the zoo, etc). By default, Shotwell lumps all the photos uploaded in one go as a single "event"; this might make it difficult to find the photos from that trip to the zoo without searching through all the photos on that day. To address this, Shotwell allows you to create new events from a selected group of photos, using:

Events → Add Event

Adding an Event in Shotwell

This will create a second entry under that download date, containing just the images you selected:

Event Added in Shotwell

With the new event selected in the left hand pane, select:

Events → Rename Event

Renaming an Event in Shotwell

The new name should then be displayed in the left hand pane, under the correct month:

New Event Name displayed in Shotwell

Editing Photo Attributes

If you right click over an image, you will be able to set various attributes for it, notably:

  • Add or modify a tag
  • Set a star rating
  • Change the title text to something more meaningful
  • Send the image to an editor (-e.g.GIMP)

Photo Attributes  in Shotwell

Managing Photos in Shotwell

Shotwell is a fairly basic application and is pretty intuitive to use. The functions of the main menus are, briefly:

  • The File menu allows you to import/export photos, print, etc

  • The Edit menu allows you to undo/redo the last action, do basic housekeeping and set preferences

  • The View menu allows you to control how the images are displayed in the right hand pane

  • The Photos menu allows you to change how the image is viewed (-e.g. rotate) and make some basic changes

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